Key Construction Sector Trends in Kerala to Look Out For 2022

The construction sector in Kerala has seen several significant changes over the past few years, including the adoption of new technology, innovations in materials and processes, and new strategies to increase business operation. Like other parts of the world, the construction company in Kerala has been experiencing major changes and transitions in recent years. It’s hard to predict exactly what developments are still on the horizon, but one thing is certain: in 2022, this sector will look much different than it does now. Here are some of the trends to watch out for in the coming years and decades.

Building Information Modeling

Technology in construction is growing at a rapid pace, especially when it comes to Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM is one of these new technologies that have been integrated into nearly every aspect of construction. While it was first introduced in 2008, it’s taken about ten years for many people to catch on to its benefits. This software offers both contractors and architects improved project management capabilities and increased collaboration.

Increase in smart homes

The massive economic growth witnessed by India in recent years has been accompanied by a steady rise in disposable income levels. As disposable incomes rise, people tend to upgrade their lifestyles and look for new avenues of personal gratification. This growth is reflected among Kerala’s middle class as well – and one of these preferences seems to be smart homes that employ high-tech features to make everyday life easier and more convenient.

3D Printing

The construction industry is undergoing a major shift. This can be seen by an increasing interest in new building materials and technology, specifically, 3D printing. Based on current trends, it’s anticipated that 3D printing will be one of biggest construction innovations of all time. Much like how traditional manufacturing introduced a digital revolution to businesses, so too will widespread adoption of 3D printers bring digital innovation to building materials and construction.

Green Building

Emerging market research has shown that greener building practices are important for sustainable growth. Construction companies in Kerala are planning to design and construct to ensure that they are not only pleasing to live and work in, but also safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly. All of these design changes come with their own challenges: increased construction costs, longer building times, etc.

Advanced Building Materials

Advanced building materials are high-strength, corrosion-resistant and lighter materials used to make infrastructure. These building materials are quickly becoming popular amongst contractors due to their ability to offer superior strength at a fraction of their weight. Most advanced construction materials are manufactured from fiberglass or carbon fiber, with an ultra-lightweight matrix that can be used for a variety of components including windows, beams and panels, hence, becoming the main focus of construction building contractors.

Emergence of Digital Technology

Within construction there are several areas where digital technology is making an impact. In design, more contractors are using 3D design software which allows for faster and more detailed designs. The use of drones to document worksites has also become widespread in both large and small construction companies, with data collected being used as a planning tool as well as being sold on to marketing teams who use it for PR material.

Operational Excellence

The Building Construction services in Kerala has been forced to develop innovative strategies in order to avoid disaster while keeping up with changing customer demands. Operational excellence is one of these key trends that businesses need to look into now. A construction company’s ability to deliver high quality services will increasingly depend on its ability to operate at a high level.

Greater focus on safety standards

In a bid to eliminate all kinds of disasters and work hazards, contractors in Kerala today have placed a greater focus on workplace safety. There has been a sudden rise in applications for licenses and certifications, as well as plans to implement safety precautions at every level of operations. In fact, all new projects are now required to include safety modules for their employees and contractors alike. This will go a long way towards ensuring workers have easy access to medical aid if they need it, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency considerably.


To conclude, construction services and real estate market scenario in Kerala has identified some key trends, which will impact the construction sector in Kerala in 2022. Over the years, Kerala has become one of the most popular investment destinations for many industries including construction.

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