Key Construction Sector Trends in Kerala to Look Out For 2022

The construction sector in Kerala has seen several significant changes over the past few years, including the adoption of new technology, innovations in materials and processes, and new strategies to increase business operation. Like other parts of the world, the construction company in Kerala has been experiencing major changes and transitions in recent years. It’s … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Structural Steel Construction Cost in Kerala

From offices to restaurants and warehouses to shopping malls, structural steel has played a crucial role in the construction of our modern landscape. Until the development of Structural Steel Construction, most places in Kerala didn’t have large commercial buildings. The reason is plain and simple – it requires a large number of skilled laborers and … Read more

Advantages and Future Scope of Pre-Engineered Buildings in Kerala

Pre-Engineered Buildings have come a long way from a cost-cutting measure to a mainstream construction technique and are now more popular than traditional methods in developed countries. For a very long time Pre Engineered Buildings (PEBs) were thought to be cheap and unattractive for mainstream construction. However, people have recently realized how construction can be … Read more