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Commercial building contractors in Kochi

If you are thinking of constructing a commercial building for your company in Kochi, chances are, you might already know about the vast amount of time and money that you need to invest. All aspects need to be examined thoroughly many months even before making the building plan. 

In addition to that, you have that desire to create a workspace that complements the work style of your company. With many companies trying to create a unique identity for themselves, it is important that you have a workspace that truly stands out and exhibits your company brand identity. 

We have years of experience in construction of a wide variety of commercial building in Kochi and therefore our understanding of the commercial space serves you with the best construction techniques for the least amount of investment from your side.

Commercial Building Plan in Kochi

Understanding your line of business is the first step in building a plan for your project, which is why we have a dedicated set of experts who will get all the information from you about your project and then carefully evaluate all aspects specific to your project so that you will get the best service for the least price. 

Things like multi-purpose spaces should be planned out for effective use of the office or workspace. That being said, there is no need for redundant spaces that will provide no value but are sure to increase the cost of construction. Another important thing that most commercial building planners overlook is the overall walking path inside the building. If your workspace will employ a large number of people, then the building plan must take into consideration the paths through which employees can move. 

Designing the plan of a commercial building in Kochi is no easy task, but we, M.A.R Projects (construction company in Kerala) are here to help you in making that easier. We understand your business and will design your project’s building plan in the most efficient way possible.

Commercial Building Design in Kochi

Your commercial building must reflect your brand identity. With a steep increase in the number of commercial buildings in Kerala, it is difficult to stand out and create a unique space for yourself. Not to exclude the desire for employees and customers to have an aesthetic office space for work and brand identity. Even restaurants these days are uniquely designed to develop their own identity. 

We know how important design is for your business, which is why our designers are constantly updating themselves with the latest trends in aesthetic design from all parts of the world. This helps your business have a physical brand personality based on your company mission and goals. 

One critical aspect of designing a commercial building in Kochi is ensuring that it meets Government norms, including safety, parking spaces, environmental impacts and more. Needless to say, we have got you covered in that as well.

construction cost of commercial building in Kochi

Cost of Commercial Building Construction in Kochi 

The major variables we need to consider while estimating the construction cost of a commercial building in Kochi are the quality of construction and size of the project. Other factors include the location of the project and the architectural design. A proper understanding of these variables is necessary in accurately estimating the total construction cost even before setting the building plan. 

The construction cost per sqft in Kerala depends on the type of building, which can be industrial, retail, office, restaurants or other special purpose building construction. In order to plan your financial investment, you need to finalize the quality of construction that you require, measure the floor area, find the cost of mechanical and electrical fixtures, and then multiply that to the number of floors. There will also be other miscellaneous costs like plumbing. 

All this may sound daunting especially if you are a newbie, which is why we will help you in approximating the entire cost of construction. Whether this is your first project or you have many projects in your asset, our expertise will make the entire process easy and affordable.