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Residential building contractor in Kozhikode

Residential projects like houses and apartments are different from commercial buildings for the fact that they are personal. There should be a feeling of ‘being at home’ whenever you take a breath inside your house. Therefore your home should be a reflection of your family. It should speak for your family and serve your family. 

There will be a lot of things on your mind while planning to build a home. You might be thinking about the type of furniture you would use, the color of paint, the lighting, renewable energy solutions, and a lot more. We know what it feels like to build a new home. MAR Projects (Construction Company in Kerala) takes the stress away from you, eases the process and helps you get excited about your future life in the comfort of your new home.

Residential Building Plan in Kozhikode

While plotting the plan for Residential projects in Kozhikode, many things should be taken into consideration. Your lifestyle or your family’s lifestyle plays a huge factor in the building plan. Another commonly overlooked factor is privacy, which must be considered during the planning process because once the design process starts, it is difficult to include privacy in the rooms. 

Most people in Kerala have the habit of expanding the size of their houses. So while making the plan for residential buildings in Kozhikode, future expansion must be allowed, and that too while acknowledging all the other considerations. Above all, safety should be of prime importance while planning. Safety not only includes the structural stability but also the presence of stairs and balconies. 

This is what differentiates MAR projects from other Residential building contractors in Kozhikode. We understand your needs and plan all the things necessary for your comfort, even for the tiniest of things that are generally overlooked by others.

Residential Building Design in Kozhikode

The design of a home (Building Construction) plays a huge part in bringing peace of mind to the people living in it. After all, it is the place where you sit and relax with your family after a tiring day. This is why a lot of love and care is needed while designing residential buildings in Kozhikode

One of the most important things to consider while planning residential buildings in Kozhikode is its direction. Natural light must enter the windows and must fill the room. This will not only reduce the amount of artificial light required but can also ensure the proper flow of wind inside the rooms. In a place like Kerala which receives ample amounts of sunlight and rain, the roofs, doors, and windows must be carefully designed so that weather conditions may not affect the peace of your family. 

Also, consider providing additional storage space in all rooms while designing your home. This pro-tip can be a lifesaver as you soon realize how cluttered your room may become after just a few months of living. Similarly, there are a lot more things to consider and we at MAR Projects will assist you in every step while designing your residential building in Kozhikode.

Cost of Residential Building Construction in Kozhikode

The development of a house requires immense patience as it can take months and maybe years to finish. Therefore proper planning is necessary as a day’s work itself can be worth a lot of money. A house of your own is supposed to stay intact for decades to come, therefore, you cannot cheap out on the materials or quality of construction. Cost may be the number one hurdle for average families looking to build their own house. 

Many residential building companies have sprung up in Kerala, so there is no issue in finding cheap construction services near you. But what you need is a construction company that works for you with commitment and consistency. 

The total construction cost of residential buildings in Kozhikode depends on the civil work and the finishing work. The civil work includes the cost of raw materials used in the construction of walls, pillars, roofs, floors, etc and the finishing work comprises doors, windows, electrical fittings, sanitary pipes, and other similar work. So the total estimate comes down to using the right materials and good labor, both of which you can find here at MAR Projects.