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M.A.R Projects, one of the leading Commercial Building Contractors in Kerala, has been in building exceptional commercial spaces for more than two decades. With an enviable portfolio of top-notch clients and an equally enviable experience, M.A.R Projects has become one of the leading construction companies in Kerala over the years. And we have achieved this through continuous hard work and dedication towards providing the best quality commercial spaces. 

As a team of expert commercial building developers, we understand the nitty-gritty of constructing a commercial building and the kind of preparation that goes behind it. The smallest design or structural adjustment in commercial building construction can change the entire building plan. This is why we start with a solid foundation where every minute detail is accounted for, discussed, and reiterated on the drawing board before we move on to the next step. This very approach has gained us the kind of recognition and value we enjoy amongst our customers.

Be it constructing a normal commercial building or a design-driven office building, we are capable of delivering both with absolute ease and perfection. Our expert team is capable of pulling off the most complex and challenging commercial building projects with ease as they come with years of industry experience. Working with M.A.R Projects comes with an added advantage where you can sit back and leave all the complex work to us. We assure you that all aspects of your commercial building construction work will be handled with care and precision and the results will dazzle you.

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Our Services

We provide a wide range of commercial building construction services including:

Commercial Building for Hotel & Resorts

One-stop destination for all types of hotels & Resorts constructions. As a leading and highly experienced hotel/resort construction company, we ensure the timely completion of our projects with utmost dedication, without compromising on quality.

Commercial Buildings for Showrooms

Showrooms usually attract a lot of walk-in customers and the design and construction of these commercial spaces must be such that it not only looks attractive but has a robust construction. And this is what we provide

Commercial Buildings for Restaurants

The hospitality industry works on show and pomp, the more beautiful a restaurant looks, the better will your business be. We ensure that we create visually appealing and user-friendly restaurant buildings so that you can enjoy a huge customer base

Commercial Buildings for Granite/Tile Showrooms

Commercial Buildings for Granite/Tile Showrooms

Granite and tile showrooms require a different kind of approach as it is industry-specific commercial space. It requires solid construction with a spacious design. And this is what we deliver. Our expert team of building construction professionals understand the unique requirements of all such commercial buildings

Commercial Buildings for Warehouse

Warehouses need to be carefully constructed as this is where a lot of inventory is stored. And leakage, shoddy construction, or below-standard work can cause damage to the goods. Plus, heavy movement will also damage the building if not constructed properly. We build warehouses keeping all this in mind.


Commercial Buildings for Supermarkets

Supermarkets witness huge footfalls every day. They also need well-designed inlets and outlets so that the inventory can be moved regularly without hindering the movement of the customers. All these aspects are considered before creating a plan for supermarkets

Commercial Building for Textiles

Commercial Building for Textiles

The textile industry buildings usually witness round the clock work, so it is important that all of them are constructed with a solid foundation and are able to withstand wear and tear. And we ensure all these things are included in textile building designs

Commercial Building for Offices

Commercial Building for Offices

Every commercial space comes with a specific requirement and we make sure those are properly fulfilled. With commercial offices, we ensure the design and construction is up to the mark in all our commercial office building construction

Commercial Building for Car Showroom

Car showrooms not only require enough space but they should also spell luxury and extravagance. And this is what we bring with our specific car showroom design and construction services

Commercial Building for Conventional Centers

Conventional centers are places where a large number of people gather for different events. And thus, they require proper entry and exit points and construction design to accommodate a large crowd. We include all these aspects in our conventional center design to create perfect spaces

Commercial Building for Shopping Malls

Commercial Building for Shopping Malls

One of the most decisive factors in the success of a shopping mall is its design. A lot of shopping malls fail just because their design and layout were not right. We take extra care in designing and layouting shopping malls so that you get the maximum out of it

Commercial Building for Furniture Showrooms

Furniture showrooms require a lot of space so that all the furniture can be stored and still provides enough moving space for the customers. We provide easy to build furniture showroom construction solutions for our customers

Our commercial building services are one of the best in Kerala and we can say this with such confidence because we have delivered the best. Providing the best quality commercial spaces within affordable commercial building construction costs, M.A.R Projects exceeds expectations every single time.

So, if you have a requirement for commercial building construction in Kerala

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing your Commercial Building

Designing commercial buildings can be tricky. You have to keep in mind the type of business you’re dealing with and how it will work best in this particular space and location, as well as the safety, accessibility, finding the best construction company in Kerala, zoning regulations of your community, city, or state and more.

This list of 8 things to keep in mind when designing your commercial building will help ensure that the process goes smoothly and that the end result is something that works well both functionally and aesthetically.

If you need to construct a commercial building in Kerala, you are prone to face a flurry of difficulties. As there are various government bodies that supervise the project, these activities may extend substantially.

Also, Planning and zoning requirements vary by community, so make sure you familiarize yourself with local regulations before you start. Your business plan should account for commercial building construction costs like these.

You’ll also need permits, which can take time to acquire, so have a plan for moving forward if they don’t come through right away. This will help ensure you don’t run into any delays when construction is underway.

Constructing a commercial building for your company can be tough in Kerala. But the results are worth it. When you start to discuss details with experienced Commercial Building Contractors in Kerala, you will find it interesting to note that there is more to construction than you thought.

Because of their specialization, construction companies are a great asset. Contractors know construction better than most people and can ensure that every detail is taken care of, from planning and design through completion.

Skipping over these steps can lead to expensive fixes down the road—as well as significant stress for you and your tenants. Be sure you’re hiring a qualified contractor with experience in high-rise projects like yours.

Once you’ve settled on a general design for your business, you’ll need to figure out where it will be located. You may already have an idea of where your company will grow and thrive, but if not, consider carefully what type of space best fits with your goals.

Commercial spaces run the gamut from strip malls to storefronts on busy streets to sprawling office parks located in suburbs and cities. In order for a space to be successful, it must be convenient for both customers and employees.

Natural light plays a major role in making your building stand out, but it also helps to make your workplace more appealing. Natural light contributes to employee productivity and creativity by adding vibrancy and variation to a space that might otherwise feel dull or sterile.

It also adds character, which will help you create a unique space for clients or office tenants. Using large windows, skylights, or overhead lights can maximize natural light sources for your commercial building design.

The number one rule for creating a successful commercial building space is accessibility. That’s why color palettes are key. Different colors mean different things, and it’s important to choose colors that will speak volumes about your business—and still appeal to everyone who walks through your doors. With just three colors, you can be incredibly effective at creating a space that is inviting and warm for all types of users.

The people who inhabit your space will spend hours each day there, so it’s essential that you make them as comfortable as possible. Most employees want an office environment that is inviting and welcoming. Think about how you would like to feel when working in a new environment, and design your commercial office building construction with that feeling in mind.

The design of your commercial building will be an incredibly important component of your project. Not only does it need to serve its purpose, but it also needs to look good doing so.

Start by deciding what you want your structure to do: Do you want a retail outlet, or an office space? Is it something else entirely? Once you’ve made these functional choices, turn your attention towards making functional choices that compliment your commercial building design.

Once you’ve settled on a general design for your business, you’ll need to figure out where it will be located. You may already have an idea of where your company will grow and thrive, but if not, consider carefully what type of space best fits with your goals.

Commercial spaces run the gamut from strip malls to storefronts on busy streets to sprawling office parks located in suburbs and cities. In order for a space to be successful, it must be convenient for both customers and employees.

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