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M.A.R Projects is a name synonymous with quality, trust, affordability, class, and consistent performance. Being one of the leading building construction service providers and contractors in Karunagapally, Kerala, we have not only built numerous memorable projects, but we’ve also built unwavering trust amongst our customers. And we’ve done this by providing a promise of the best quality homes and commercial buildings at the most competitive prices, and delivered that promise every single time. What makes us different is our involvement in every project. We are with you from the starting of a project till the time it is delivered to you with complete satisfaction. Our commitment towards quality services helps us push our limits so that what you get is the best-in-class buildings. We look forward to developing a new relationship with our growing base of customers and maintaining it through our quality services.


strong and durable

Why choose steel construction for your next project?

One of the basic requirements of any building is its stability, robustness, and cost-effective yet durable, long-lasting construction. And steel structure design provides them all. Today, the best quality steel is used in several industries wherever strength needs to be combined with aesthetic beauty and cost-effectiveness. And the construction industry is no exception. Over the years, professionals have realized the value of steel as metal as it provides structural sturdiness and visual appeal. To top it all, it is easier and faster to construct a building using steel structures. While these are the most basic benefits of using steel in buildings, several other benefits include:

Why steel has become the preferred metal for construction?

From sky scrapping high-rises, commercial/industrial complexes, or residential buildings, steel is being preferred everywhere.
While these properties make steel a preferred design and construction material in different kinds of buildings, its ability to provide wider adaptability, easy access to alterations, while increasing the lifespan of a building also makes it an ideal construction material. But the most important aspect of it all is that an entire frame of steel can be erected in a matter of days while erecting a similar wooden structure would take weeks to complete. So, reducing the construction time to almost 20-40 percent.


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How are pre engineered buildings beneficial for Showrooms?

Pre engineered buildings (preengineering building) provide the ability for quick construction, which is perfect for showrooms that need to be constructed fast so that the businesses can take off almost immediately. Pre engineering buildings are also more design conducive, a feature that showrooms can make use of.

How are pre engineered buildings beneficial for Restaurants?

The biggest advantage of pre engineered buildings (Preengineered building) is they can be erected at a very low cost, which is a big bonus for restaurants as they can have a larger profit margin. The lost cost construction for an industry that is volatile provides the required cushion for the owners.

How are pre engineered buildings beneficial for a Warehouse?

Warehouses require a robust construction, something that pre engineered buildings boast of, especially when made with steel. Any industrial building also requires quick construction as they need to be up on time for the inventory to arrive, and pre engineered buildings are easy and quick to construct.

How are pre engineered buildings beneficial for Supermarkets?

When thousands of customers visit a supermarket, it would require a lot of maintenance work. And pre engineered buildings are extremely easy to maintain. They are provided with the best quality paint covering and steel structure that gel with the ambiance and require lesser maintenance.

How are pre engineered buildings beneficial for Textiles?

Be its structural design, architectural freedom, quick delivery, or strength with beauty, pre designed buildings provide it all. Any building related to the textile industry requires all these aspects to be intact for better functioning.

Steel design and construction takes off in Kerala

The construction industry in India has witnessed unprecedented development in the last decade, and Kerala has been at the center of the construction revolution and has witnessed a steep rise in the use of steel in the construction industry, especially pre engineered buildings. And this only seems to be the beginning. There is a huge scope in the steel structure designs that can transform the way buildings are constructed in the state. And M.A.R Projects is one of the frontrunners when it comes to providing the best quality pre engineered, steel design and construction.

The way things have progressed over the years exhibits an inspiring growth story through some useful technological interventions and relentless efforts of brands involved in the construction industry like M.A.R Projects. Today, India is at the peak of its developmental stage with the infrastructural transformation changing the skylines of cities across the country. It is no more the same industry that crawled at a slow pace. Instead, it has become a fast-paced, aggressive industry that believes in finishing up targets well within the stipulated deadlines.

One factor that has helped the construction industry fast track the projects is pre engineered buildings and steel structure designs. They are time and cost-effective, safe, easy to build, and provide flexible construction solutions to the builders. This technology has already taken the world by storm and is now sending ripples into the Indian market.

So, if you wish to be a part of this revolutionary trend and fulfill your dream of owning your own home or a commercial building, think of M.A.R Projects. Our quality construction, use of the latest technology, and commitment to serve our customers make an entity that’s a class apart from the rest.

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