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Owning a house is a dream that all of us see, but not many of us are able to achieve. But M.A.R Projects make it happen for you. Known as one of the most trusted and experienced Residential Building Contractors and constructions in KeralaM.A.R Projects is your partner in fulfilling your dream of owning a house where you build your future with your family members. Working with a construction company can feel like a daunting task as most builders and contractors are too staunch to handle. But M.A.R Projects is different. We understand that anyone coming to us to get their dream home built, comes with a lot of expectations and we make sure that we fulfill all of them.

Most of us spend a lifetime of savings to get that dream house built, and we understand the pressure that comes with it. That is why we treat each of our customers with respect and empathy and this is what makes us different. Our residential building construction services are not only about finishing the projects but embarking on a journey with you where we see your dream take shape day by day. Our construction of a residential building is achieved through dedication, hard work, and all the good intent. So, what you get is a result of the labor of love and hard work.

And we quote our residential building construction cost according to what is convenient for you and for us. We don’t believe in making an exorbitant profit from our projects, but our aim is to make your dreams come true at a price that remains within reach. What we earn is trust and a loyal customer base in return.

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We provide comprehensive residential building construction services for all kinds of building plans.

Residential building plan for 1bhk

Our architects and interior designers work together to chart our 1 bhk plans that provide well-ventilated, spacious, and beautiful homes. We ensure that a 1 bhk apartment is a complete unit, fit for a small family

Residential building plan for 2bhk
As your need for space changes, we make sure that your dream 2 bhk apartment provides you ample space to create new memories. Our architects have years of experience in creating layouts and designs that utilize space well. So, what you get is an optimized home for the amount of money you spend
Residential building plan for 3bhk
A 3 bhk apartment is a spacious home that gives you ample space to rediscover the joys of life. We create reliable, spacious, strong, and long-lasting apartments so that you can plan your life ahead. Complete with all the modern amenities and enough rooms, our 3 bhk apartments are perfect for families of all sizes
Residential building plan for 4bhk
A 4 bhk apartment means luxurious living. But it is not just about space. It is also about managing that space well. We build beautiful, spacious and engaging 4 bhk apartments that will provide you with a luxurious living experience. Build to last, we provide all the best-in-class amenities for you to enjoy life in your dream home

Building plan for bungalows

Living in a bungalow is an experience that is second to none. Our bungalow construction services are ahead of their time as we provide top-class construction, spacious designs, long-lasting built, and architecture that will surpass your expectations. We provide excellent interior design for bungalows. Be it bungalow design for 1000 sq ft, bungalow design for 1500 sq ft, bungalow, or design for 2000 sq ft, our design for bungalows is carefully crafted to make it a haven for the owners. 

When it comes to getting your own house built, we are the one-stop solution for all your needs. Be it construction, renovation, interior design services, or more, M.A.R Projects does it all. Our team of expert construction industry professionals ensures that every single project that we undertake reaches its end well within the deadlines and is made with top-quality material. For us, quality is the top priority. We promise to bring you the best houses in Kerela, and we deliver our promise every single time. 

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